Arts & Antiques arrange tours, lectures, events and activities pertaining to the

appreciation of all various art forms and antiques. Art forms may include music, dance, or expressions of creative activity and thought.

Arts & Antiques

Community Outreach organises and guides members in selected community service

opportunities in Hampstead and the surrounding area.

Community Outreach

Come with your knitting, cross-stitching, needlepoint or any craft project. Or just come for the coffee and conversation. Other members may also be able to assist you with your craft ideas and/or solutions.

Craft & Chat

Chicks N Flicks is a monthly meet-up at the cinema. Enjoy a matinee, some popcorn and good company.

Chicks N Flicks

Monthly meetings between current and prospective members of the Club for the purpose of attracting new members and assisting current members with the transition into the London Area.

Link-Up: Coffee Mornings/Drinks Evenings

Creative Writing is for writers of all level who are working on novels, short stories, memoirs, etc. There will be writing exercises, constructive criticism, brainstorming ideas, and more. The main objective is to inspire and write in a safe and confidential environment.

Creative Writing

Da'il: A meeting of Minds (Celtic) examine mindfulness/spiritual texts pertinent to everyday life. In exploring texts of various faiths/practices we hope to see ourselves and develop community in an inclusive light of understanding and compassion.


Join us while we walk our dogs and have a chat ourselves!

Dog Walking

Book Club meets on a monthly basis to discuss a wide range of literature. It is always a fun, lively discussion.

Evening Book Club

Evenings Out arrange evening activities and outings of interest to Club members and their partners.

Evenings Out

Family Activities plan and organise activities of interest to Club members with school-aged children and younger.

Family Activities

Golf arrange a weekly nine holes at the Hampstead Golf Course! This is a casual

group and everyone is welcome: beginners, experts and everyone in between. Clubs are available for rental.


Highlights Of London arrange walks, tours and experiences in and around the London area.

Highlights Of London

Spends one day a month in the English countryside - travelling by train out of London and spending the day hiking, followed by a country pub lunch. Distances range from 8- 12 miles and this is an all day outing.


London Bites goes out in search of London's tastiest eats. Participants try out a different restaurant once a month.

London Bites

London Walks enjoys walks through fascinating Londontown. These expert guide

walks are located all around London to explore the rich history and amazing architecture of London. There is usually a stop for lunch after. Everyone welcome - friends and husbands!

London Walks

The pub lunch group meets monthly at a local pub for lunch.

Pub Lunch

Running enjoys weekly runs through the Heath. This is a relaxed group and we are

able to accommodate all levels.


Tennis is an active group of players of various levels that gets together weekly. It's a great way to get some cardio, improve your skills and build friendships.


Theatre plans and organises theatre events for club members and their families.


Walkie Talkies meet up weekly and walk for about an hour - either in the Hampstead Heath or other local parks. Usually followed by coffee!

Walkie Talkies

Wellness meets up monthly for an event focused on nurturing our mind, body and spirit. The themes and activities are inspired by members' preferences and needs.


If you have a business, or are thinking of starting one, come to the Women in Business group for informal chats and workshops to help move business ideas along.

Women in Business

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